Orë model, anglisht XI

Modeli i ditarit në lëndën anglisht për klasën e XI është përgatitur nga mësuesi i anglishtes në shkollën e mesme “Havzi Nela” në Kukës, Xhevahir Shaqiri. Realizimi është bërë sipas nismës së re “Tri lëndë në gjashtë orë”.

Field: Language and Communication

Subject: English  Language

Level: V

Grade: XI-E


1- Lost Cities-Machu Picchu   

2- WorkBook Exercises.

Learning Situation: Reading and Listening about an ancient city

Learning competences

Language Skills: 

• To listen and read for gist and specific information

• To learn adjectives and their opposites

• To talk and write about Machu Picchu

Life Skills:

• To talk about lifestyles in the past

• To compare ancient civilization

Key words: temple (n); baths(n); fountains (n) astronomer (n):  emperor (n); date back (v): destroy (v) etc.

Sources: Student’s Book pg. 48-49 and Workbook pg. 27   

Module 3, Life in the past… Unit 3e  

Connecting with other areas / cross-curricular: History and Geography

Methodology and Student Activity  /  Stages of the Lesson

Organization of the lesson: Stages of the Lesson *(Pre-reading  Stage/KLW CHART)

Step 1:  Introduce the topic and stimulate interest in the text    *5 min.

Direct student’s attention to the heading and the picture.

• Ask if they know anything about this place?

• Ask what they would like to know about it. 

Elicit a variety of questions and write some of them on the board.

An ancient city Located in  Andes, PeruWho Built it? How many people lived there?Incas built it Hundreds of people lived there

Step 2: To listen and read for specific information                            *15 min

Play the recording. Students listen and follow the text in their books to see if their questions are answered.

Suggestion Answer Key: See Learnt Column in KLW chart.

Step 3: To recognize the main idea in paragraph                                            *5 min

Read the study skills box aloud. Explain the task. Remind students time to read the text and complete the exercise. Check student’s answers.

 Answer Key: 1- C (History)  2-B (Architecture) 3-D (The People)   *(Not needed -Culture)

Step 4: To present and practice dictionary use             *10 min

Read the Study Skills box aloud. Explain the task. Do the first word as an example and elicit the information given in the dictionary from students around the class. 

Students complete the rest of the exercise. Check student’s answers.

Study Skills

Using a dictionary to explain words

A dictionary presents words in alphabetical order. For each word there is information about the type of word and its meaning, spelling, pronunciation and use.

Suggested Answer Key

• date back (v): to have origin in

• emperor (n): a man who rules a number of countries

• earthquake (n): the shaking of the earth’s surface

• destroy (v): to damage sth. very badly so that it can not be used

• astronomer (n):a scientist who studies stars and planets

• construct (v): build

• terraced (adj): (of land) built in step-like rows on slope 

• grow (v): to plant seeds and look after plant as they get bigger

Step 5: To introduce vocabulary for structures          *5 min

Direct student’s attention to the pictures. Explain the task. Allow students time to complete it.

Check student’s answers and elicit the L1equivaents.

Allow students time to read again the text and ask them to use the vocabulary to make sentences about Machu Picchu. Check student’s around the class.

Student’s own answers- Answer Key

Bath – 4; Fountain -7; Storage rooms – 9;Palace -2; Park-10; Te mple-1; Tower-8; Wall -5; Bridge- 6; Pyramid-11; Houses-3. 

Step 6: To present adjectives and their opposites / Topractice new vocabulary            *5 min

Check that students understand what an opposite is byeliciting the opposite of some adjectives.

(e.g  old  ≠ young; long ≠ short, etc. )

Students complete the task. Check student’s answers.

thick wall ≠

strong building  ≠

beautiful palace ≠

tall tower ≠

huge pyramid ≠

ancient town ≠

Explain the task. Allow students time to complete it. Checkstudent’s answers.

Step 7: Reinforce students understanding of the vocabulary                       *45 min              Explain the task and allow time for students to work on Workbook exercises pg. 27

These exercises enable students to use the new language in an enjoyable way, which helps them learn new vocabulary in the context of what they have already mastered, rather than in isolation. 



Instrument vlerësimi

Kriteri për sukses

KriteriNuk përfshihet dhe nuk demonstron përdorimin e njohurive të tij/saj.Rrallë herë përfshihet dhe demonstron përdorimin e njohurive pa ilustruar me shembuj idetë e tij/saj.Herë pas here përfshihet dhe demonstron përdorim të njohurive duke ilustruar me shembuj idetë e tij/saj.Gjithmonë përfshihet dhe demonstron përdorimin e njohurive ekzistuese dhe atyre të reja për të formuluar, shprehur dh mbrojtur idetë dhe mendimet e tij/saj.


ICT – Ask student to do some research and collect information about another ancient city and compare it to the lost city of Machu Picchu.

Nga, Xhevahir Shaqiri, 

Mësues i Gjuhës Angleze, Gjimnazi “Havzi Nela” Kukës

© Portali Shkollor – Të gjitha të drejtat e rezervuara. Ndalohet kopjimi pa lejen tonë.

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