Model ditari, Anglisht

Model ditari, i lëndës “Anglisht”, për klasën XII, përgatitur nga mësuesi Xhevahir Shaqiri, i shkollës “Havzi Nela”, Kukës. Realizimi është bërë sipas nismës së re “Tri lëndë në gjashtë orë”

Field: Language and communication

Subject: English Language 

Level: VI

Class: XII T.I.K

Topic: Curricular: US History (Christopher Columbus) &

Vocabulary Exercises Learning Situation:  A famous explorer

Learning Outcomes (competence based) 

The students will be able to: 

  Consolidate new vocabulary

  Present a famous person

  Read for specific information

Key words: 

weaver (n); southern (adj.); tip (n); sail (v);

trade route (n); supplies (n); ornaments (n);

cloth (n); sailor (n); 

Resources: Map of USA, Globe and Atlas

Textbook: Student’s Book page 18 WB pg.11

Cross curricular links: US History and Geography

Time: 90*                          Methodology and activities (stages of lesson):

To present a famous person

Ask various students to say what they know about Christopher Columbus, and stimulate a discussion on what students will learn in the text.

To read for specific information

Elicit various questions from students around the classroom. Write three on the board. Allow students time to read the text and answer the questions. 

Check students’ answers.

Where was Columbus from? (Genoa, Italy)

How many voyages did he make?

What things did he bring back with him from his voyages?

Explain/Elicit the meaning of the words

weaver (n) = a person whose job is to make baskets or cloth out of threads and strips

tip (n) = the pointed end of something

supplies (n) = things, like food and materials needed to do something

ornament (n) = an object people use to decorate

To read for specific information

Read the Study Skills box with students. Do item 1 with students to help them understand how to do this type of exercise. Checks students’ answers.

To consolidate new vocabulary

Allow students three minutes to do the task. 

Checks students’ answers

expensive things – riches

left by boats – set sail

love – passion

journey by the sea – voyage

laughed at – made fun of

way – route

bring in – import

To listen for specific information and narrate an imaginary experience

Play the recording for students to listen the text. Ask students to imagine they were on one of the Cristopher Columbus’ voyages and have just returned home. Allow students time two minutes to prepare their answers.

Ask various students to talk about their experiences

Collect information for another famous explorer

Tell the students they can use other textbooks, encyclopedias or the Internet for reference. 

Invite students to their information in the class.

Closure of a day’s work:

Xhevahir Shaqiri, mësues i shkollës “Havzi Nela”

© Portali Shkollor – Të gjitha të drejtat e rezervuara. Ndalohet kopjimi pa lejen tonë.

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